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I welcome you to my little space in the world of internet. My blog is about Beauty and Wellness. BEAUTY has been a part of my life and lifestyle as i have been exposed to it since a very young age. I have grown up watching my mom taking care of herself, her skin, her health, her emotional well being and of course her look. My curious mind always asked about the things she used and why she uses them, therefore after questioning and watching her for 10 to 15 years of my life, i myself have gained enough knowledge to share with the world.

After getting inspired by my mom’s devotion to over all Beauty and Wellness, I went on my own journey  to explore more about Beauty, the inner and outer kind. And i am happy to say that i am still exploring…

It’s just not about the physical aspect but also about life, lifestyle and what makes you happy! For me that is TRAVEL. Therefore, on my blog i talk about things and share tips and trick to make you GLOW inside and out.

My name is Samina Mallick, I would love to have to guys around.



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