I am currently 21 years old ( turning 22 this august, time flies you guys). 2015 was very difficult for me, it changed my life. It also taught me some very valuable lessons which i would like to share with you all…
1. “You are responsible for your own happiness. “

 Letting negative opinions, thoughts or people affect you is the worse thing you can do to yourself. Happiness comes from within and you yourself should be in charge of your own happy self.

2. Life is too short to plan everything, so  live in the moment.”

 I learned this the hard way, when my father passed away. He had so much to do for his and our future. So much to do with his life. He had  planned everything out but he never got the chance. He was gone in a moment. 

This hit me hard and  made me realise how important it is for us to savour every moment and how lucky we are to even experience it. Planning is necessary but so does enjoying every minutes of our lives and being present with ourselves.

3. ” If you want to do something, do it as soon as possible. “

Because once procrastination kicks in.. you know the rest… We all have been there lol

4. “Learn to love yourself  

If you want to be loved by others then you got to love yourself. Embrace your flaws and your beautiful scars. Its our little imperfections that makes us unique. If we ourself aren’t okay with them who else will be ? 

5. ” Speak your heart out.”

Learn  to voice your thoughts and opinions. You can’t expect others to be your voice. Speak your heart and mind out even if someone disagrees. You need to be heard and  in order to be heard you need to speak what’s on your mind. Don’t let anybody believe you otherwise.

6. “Don’t Gossip.”

 It’s just a waste of time and energy. Let’s be more concerned with what’s going in our lives than others. It will be more effective i guess..

7. ” Health is wealth.”

It’s pretty much self explanatory. If you want to improve your efficiency then you you got to improve your health and change your lifestyle. Nothing in this world is more important than your health. 

8. “Stay humble and be kind.”

Gratitude is important. Be grateful for everything in life, the good and the bad. And stay humble.

9. ” Do not fear adversity. “

Adversities provide opportunity for introspection. Instead of fearing them we should learn from them and grow as a person.

So these are some of the things i learned over the years. Comment down below some of your valuable lessons over the years I would love to hear from you all . 

Have a happy day/evening/night.💞