Have you ever made a mistake in silliness without thinking about the consequence. Without realising that somehow this one silly mistake can take you on a journey of regret suffering but will eventually help you in understanding life a little better.

Sometimes i think that my life is dramtic enough to be a Netflix series. 

I commited a mistake alright.. I know i shouldn’t have done what i did but no one in the world has regretted it more than me. It’s been a year or two now since then but i am still sorry for what i did back then. I didn’t harm anyone don’t worry but i damaged my self respect in the process.

I can say that about now i am quite over it.. Just imagine you being on the verge of forgiving yourself for commiting any past mistake which no one expected it of you (and only close friends and family members are aware of it)  but the all of a sudden somehow everyone starts to give you this weird look that you couldn’t help but imagine that they know what you did…That your big secret has been leaked !!!

The ghosts of past never really leaves you. It always haunts you when you are your weakest self. Living with the ghost of past amongst the the weird stares and people judging. You realise that it doesn’t really matter what people think of you or how they gonna see you or what you have done in your past life. 

What matters is that how i am gonna see myslef ? Will i let those ugly stares get to me ? Are those people who are judging me right now themselves never made mistakes ? 

Life is a compilation of small and big mistakes from which we learn and grow.. The most important thing how ever is to acknowledge that u have made a mistake and repent it. To ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart and most importantly forgive yourself !! 

To make mistake is to be humane. As long as u have learned your lesson, what your mistakes have taught you it is never really a waste. I surely have learned my lesson.

Have a great day/night. Don’t forget to forgive yourself today !!! ๐Ÿ’—


4 thoughts on “Ghosts Of Past (2 min. Read)

  1. I did a mistake about a year ago. It was devastating for me and my beloved. A year has passed quickly and many positive things happend but… my mistake has strike again. And no matter that I’ve learnt a lot and I did change everything… that wasn’t enough. Ghosts of my past have come again. As same devastating as before.
    I liked your post. Thank You for those words. Even that it won’t change my life, thank you.

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