1. Deep breathing : I know you must have heard about it a lot, but have you ever actually tried to do it when angry?

I have. And it works, trust me.

Now when you get angry at someone or something but are unable to do anything to release the anger try this –

• Start by taking a deep breath in and then breathe out slowy focusing all your unwanted enegry on the breathing exercise.

• Repeat this atleast 10 times each.( 10 deep breaths in and 10 deep breaths out)

It is like a quick meditation and will help you to calm down.

2. Go and drink water : Again this is tried and tested people, and it works too.

It works because by doing so it distracts you from the current situation that is making you angry. It calms your nerves down a bit so you can process things better rather than getting angry and pouring all your frustation out on the other person in the heat of the moment.

Little tip-  Concentrate on drinking water rather than the person or thing that is making you mad. 

Also if you are a short tempered person like me, practising this will keep you hydrated lol

3. Go for a walk/run : When things start to get out of hand, diffusing the situation is always the smartest choice.

It will help clear your mind and running will help release all the negative energy that has been building inside of you. Once you are calm and not angry anymore you will automatically make the right choice for yourself  and will try to resolve the problem with a practical approach.

Hope the above mentioned steps are helpful, if so let me know!!

Have a great day/night. Xoxo