It’s important to have a positive outlook and here are 3 reasons why :

1. Like attracts like : We can all agree that the phrase “opposites attract” can only be associated to magnets and sometimes in relationships. However in real life, the energy you emitt as a person is the energy you really attract. If you are always focused on negative aspects of your life,  you will never ever notice the positives happening around you, as a result you will drown in the  sea of negativity. So having a positive outlook is important as it attracts positive and good vibes in return (ever heard about the law of attraction? ) which enables us to live a happy life.

2. Keeps depression at bay : Most of the time the key reason for people being depressed is that they dwell more on the negative aspects of their lives than the positives. In such cases we often miss the bigger picture which is the fact that the world doesn’t revolve arround us. Everyone has his or her share of problems and we have to deal with it. A person who is positive no matter what he/she is going through has almost a 100% chance of escaping depression as he/she appreciates the good little things in their lives more.

3. It makes us strong : There are times when everyone falls hard in life. Everyone hits rock bottom. However a positive person always knows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you have to fall in order to rise. Having a postive outlook makes everything bearable. Its makes us strong mentally and emotionally. A positive person uses the time when he is down and out to analyse the things better. He learns to work hard and never give up upon his dream.

Having a positive outlook helps us in moving forward. Therefore, it is important to  be a positive person in life.

I hope you realise the importance of positivity while reading this article. Have an amazing and positive day/night 🙂 Lots of love xoxo


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