It is hard to believe the fact that there will be some people who will not always value you. You will be taken for granted. You will be hurt. And you may also be treated as a doormat. But the important question is Will you let them ?

Most of the time people don’t even realise that they are being mistreated !! They somehow believe that they don’t deserve happiness and it’s okay for the people to treat them the way they have always been treated. Because personally in my prior relationship I was being treated the same way, my opinions didn’t matter, I had no self value. I was being mistreated. And the sad part is that I would let him without even knowing that in the entire process I was letting myself down.I would let him degrade my self worth.I didn’t even realise that it was not normal the way he  made me feel low about myself. But then came the day when i finally knew.

The day that really changed my life is the day when I realised that I deserve so much better.  This was the day when i knew what  self-worth is and that no one in world could make me feel any less about myself.  I realised what i have been putting myself through and decided that is was time to move on and live a better life.

Yes the first step of knowing your self-worth is to acknowlege the fact that you deserve better. You deserve to be loved in the way you always wanted to be loved. You deserve to be happy. You deserve all the great things in life, because once you know your worth, you will never settle for anything less. You will never let people mistreat you. You will recognize situations which degrades your morals and you will learn to walk away form it.

Hence, recognize your  self worth .Know what you deserve and what you don’t. Because in the end once you do you will never settle for anything less.

Have an amazing day/night.

Xoxo :*


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