If  you are reading this blog post, there might be chances that you have undergone or going through a pain of losing someone beloved in your life. 

You know what grief is. You the emptiness that comes with the loss. You know what i mean when i say, it is like someone’s digging a hole right in the middle of your chest and you can almost feel it hurting physically. It hurts a lot.

When you see death up close, it changes you. You start to think that you can never recover form the loss. You think that the hole inside your chest will never fade away. But it’s not true. It may take a while but it eventually will. You eventually start to heal.

– And to help you in this process here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Don’t be Numb:  The first thing that i did when i lost my dad, was to numb myself only to realise later that the pain never vanished. It was right there waiting for me to embrace it. The sooner you accept the better for you.

• Acknowlege your emotions: Allow yourself to feel. Recognizing the pain, the hurt, the regret, the emptiness now will only make it easier for you to heal later.

• Mental strength matters: Know that the pain will always be there somewhere inside you, but you will aslo learn to deal with it. You know what they mean when they say “what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger”. And i promise you that this entire journey will make you strong mentally, emotionally, and physically.

• Time heals everything: The most important part is that you must take your own time. This is not something you are going to accomplish overnight. Go at your own pace. There will come a time when you will notice that you are starting to heal.

Lastly and most importantly,

•Don’t feel guilty of letting go: There is nothing to feel guilty about, know that you had to let go at some point inorder to move on. By letting go doesn’t mean the that the person is forgotten, he/she will always remain in your heart and memory. But if you want to feel normal and happy again, you have to let go of the pain that is weighing you down.

Hope this helps. 

Whatever it is will pass, just be strong. 

Love you xoxo


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