I wanted to start my own blog for a long time now and I am really excited to be able to do so finally!!

This is where i can my voice my thoughts, without any restrictions and fear of people judging me and my character. This is what i would like to call to as “my place” 😉

I needed this because for a very long period of time voicing my opinions about someone or somethings for some reason makes me a bad person.Having strong opinions and strongly opposing something which is not right by a woman is still considered to be inappropriate  in this society.

I am here to break every stereotype as to how a woman should behave. I will write whatever i want, however i want. If u don’t like what i have to say u can leave, nobody is forcing you to stay 🙂

So now I would like to end my first blog post with a poem which is very close to my heart from milk and honey by rupi kaur(which is a must read book for every woman out there ) :

You tell me to quiet down cause

My opinions make me less beautiful

But i was not made with a fire in my belly 

So i could be put out

I was not made with a lightness on my tongue

So i could be easy to swallow

I was made heavy

Half blade and  half silk

Difficult to forget and not easy

For the mind to follow

Bye for now take care !!


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