My First blog post!!

This is the post excerpt.

 I wanted to start my own blog for a long time now and I am really excited to be able to do so finally!!

This is where i can my voice my thoughts, without any restrictions and fear of people judging me and my character. This is what i would like to call to as “my place” πŸ˜‰

I needed this because for a very long period of time voicing my opinions about someone or somethings for some reason makes me a bad person.Having strong opinions and strongly opposing something which is not right by a woman is still considered to be inappropriate  in this society.

I am here to break every stereotype as to how a woman should behave. I will write whatever i want, however i want. If u don’t like what i have to say u can leave, nobody is forcing you to stay πŸ™‚

So now I would like to end my first blog post with a poem which is very close to my heart from milk and honey by rupi kaur(which is a must read book for every woman out there ) :

You tell me to quiet down cause

My opinions make me less beautiful

But i was not made with a fire in my belly 

So i could be put out

I was not made with a lightness on my tongue

So i could be easy to swallow

I was made heavy

Half blade and  half silk

Difficult to forget and not easy

For the mind to follow

​Bye for now take care !!

3 Easy ways to release anger..(1 min. Read)

​1. Deep breathing : I know you must have heard about it a lot, but have you ever actually tried to do it when angry?

I have. And it works, trust me.

Now when you get angry at someone or something but are unable to do anything to release the anger try this –

β€’ Start by taking a deep breath in and then breathe out slowy focusing all your unwanted enegry on the breathing exercise.

β€’ Repeat this atleast 10 times each.( 10 deep breaths in and 10 deep breaths out)

It is like a quick meditation and will help you to calm down.

2. Go and drink water : Again this is tried and tested people, and it works too.

It works because by doing so it distracts you from the current situation that is making you angry. It calms your nerves down a bit so you can process things better rather than getting angry and pouring all your frustation out on the other person in the heat of the moment.

Little tip-  Concentrate on drinking water rather than the person or thing that is making you mad. 

Also if you are a short tempered person like me, practising this will keep you hydrated lol

3. Go for a walk/run : When things start to get out of hand, diffusing the situation is always the smartest choice.

It will help clear your mind and running will help release all the negative energy that has been building inside of you. Once you are calm and not angry anymore you will automatically make the right choice for yourself  and will try to resolve the problem with a practical approach.

Hope the above mentioned steps are helpful, if so let me know!!

Have a great day/night. Xoxo

3 reasons why you should be positive.

​It’s important to have a positive outlook and here are 3 reasons why :

1. Like attracts like : We can all agree that the phrase “opposites attract” can only be associated to magnets and sometimes in relationships. However in real life, the energy you emitt as a person is the energy you really attract. If you are always focused on negative aspects of your life,  you will never ever notice the positives happening around you, as a result you will drown in the  sea of negativity. So having a positive outlook is important as it attracts positive and good vibes in return (ever heard about the law of attraction? ) which enables us to live a happy life.

2. Keeps depression at bay : Most of the time the key reason for people being depressed is that they dwell more on the negative aspects of their lives than the positives. In such cases we often miss the bigger picture which is the fact that the world doesn’t revolve arround us. Everyone has his or her share of problems and we have to deal with it. A person who is positive no matter what he/she is going through has almost a 100% chance of escaping depression as he/she appreciates the good little things in their lives more.

3. It makes us strong : There are times when everyone falls hard in life. Everyone hits rock bottom. However a positive person always knows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you have to fall in order to rise. Having a postive outlook makes everything bearable. Its makes us strong mentally and emotionally. A positive person uses the time when he is down and out to analyse the things better. He learns to work hard and never give up upon his dream.

Having a positive outlook helps us in moving forward. Therefore, it is important to  be a positive person in life.​

I hope you realise the importance of positivity while reading this article. Have an amazing and positive day/night πŸ™‚ Lots of love xoxo

Know your worth!! (1 min read)

​It is hard to believe the fact that there will be some people who will not always value you. You will be taken for granted. You will be hurt. And you may also be treated as a doormat. But the important question is Will you let them ?

Most of the time people don’t even realise that they are being mistreated !! They somehow believe that they don’t deserve happiness and it’s okay for the people to treat them the way they have always been treated. Because personally in my prior relationship I was being treated the same way, my opinions didn’t matter, I had no self value. I was being mistreated. And the sad part is that I would let him without even knowing that in the entire process I was letting myself down.I would let him degrade my self worth.I didn’t even realise that it was not normal the way he  made me feel low about myself. But then came the day when i finally knew.


The day that really changed my life is the day when I realised that I deserve so much better.  This was the day when i knew what  self-worth is and that no one in world could make me feel any less about myself.  I realised what i have been putting myself through and decided that is was time to move on and live a better life.

Yes the first step of knowing your self-worth is to acknowlege the fact that you deserve better. You deserve to be loved in the way you always wanted to be loved. You deserve to be happy. You deserve all the great things in life, because once you know your worth, you will never settle for anything less. You will never let people mistreat you. You will recognize situations which degrades your morals and you will learn to walk away form it.

Hence, recognize your  self worth .Know what you deserve and what you don’t. Because in the end once you do you will never settle for anything less.


Have an amazing day/night.

Xoxo :*

Β I know what I don’t want want to become…


I don’t want to become someone who bully other people.

I don’t want to become someone who strip confidence off other people inorder to feed their own ego.

I don’t want to become someone who pull people down inorder to rise.

I don’t want to become someone who make other people feel worthless or not good enough.

I don’t want to become someone who make promises but never holds on to them.

And lastly…

I don’t want to pretend to be someone i am not.

Anxious? Reduce anxiety in a giffy.(1 min read)

​Anxiety can hit us out of nowhereWhen travelling on an air plane or on a bus or even before giving an presentation, feeling of being stuck can really trigger it.

So, to make your anxiety go away right then and there, follow these 3 simple steps :

  • Take a deep breath in and hold it.
  • While holding in your breath tense every muscle of your body for 5-6 sec. Squeeze your facial muscle and every muscle from head to toe.
  • Now relax your body while you exhale slowly.

That’s it ! The above exercise triggers the parasympathatic nervous system of your body to come into play, thus calming your nerves naturally.

I came across this exercise while ago and it helped me overcome anxiety.

Hope it helps you too πŸ™‚

How to heal after losing a loved one.(2 min read)

If  you are reading this blog post, there might be chances that you have undergone or going through a pain of losing someone beloved in your life. 

You know what grief is. You the emptiness that comes with the loss. You know what i mean when i say, it is like someone’s digging a hole right in the middle of your chest and you can almost feel it hurting physically. It hurts a lot.

When you see death up close, it changes you. You start to think that you can never recover form the loss. You think that the hole inside your chest will never fade away. But it’s not true. It may take a while but it eventually will. You eventually start to heal.

– And to help you in this process here are a few things to keep in mind:

β€’ Don’t be Numb:  The first thing that i did when i lost my dad, was to numb myself only to realise later that the pain never vanished. It was right there waiting for me to embrace it. The sooner you accept the better for you.

β€’ Acknowlege your emotions: Allow yourself to feel. Recognizing the pain, the hurt, the regret, the emptiness now will only make it easier for you to heal later.

β€’ Mental strength matters: Know that the pain will always be there somewhere inside you, but you will aslo learn to deal with it. You know what they mean when they say “what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger”. And i promise you that this entire journey will make you strong mentally, emotionally, and physically.

β€’ Time heals everything: The most important part is that you must take your own time. This is not something you are going to accomplish overnight. Go at your own pace. There will come a time when you will notice that you are starting to heal.

Lastly and most importantly,

β€’Don’t feel guilty of letting go: There is nothing to feel guilty about, know that you had to let go at some point inorder to move on. By letting go doesn’t mean the that the person is forgotten, he/she will always remain in your heart and memory. But if you want to feel normal and happy again, you have to let go of the pain that is weighing you down.


Hope this helps. 

Whatever it is will pass, just be strong. 

Love you xoxo

We were born to be real, not to be perfect.

Perfection is such a clichΓ¨, rather boring.In the world of cutting edge technology people have somehow lost the sense of reality in every sphere of their life. They often can’t decide whether to follow the trend or just be.


When i use the internet or social media or any other social platform all i see is the perfect face, the perfect body, the perfect hair , perfect clothes etc etc. Perfection has become a trend and people are following it blindly.Everyone has a idea of perfection in their head, a certain criteria to be fulfilled inorder to become perfect if they want to be accepted into the elite or ‘cooler’ section of the society. 

People are so busy running after perfection, they don’t even realise that perfection does not exist. It’s a hypothesis. Everyone single person is unique and perfectly imperfect. Why would you even want to become like someone else or have same features as some other person when you are perfect just the way you are, beacause its YOU we are talking about ! It’s who you are. It’s what you were born with. It’s the same features you inherited from your mom and dad. You may not like it or may be insecure about it. Dont be because this is what makes you unique. This what makes you orignal, so embrace it.Be proud of it.Fall in love with it and flaunt it.

I wish people understand that we were born to be to real and not perfect.Perfection is a myth. It’s a myth because nobody can be perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Every person trips and falls at some point or the other. And if they haven’t yet, they will. It’s how we learn and grow and become strong.It is how life is.

We all try be to perfect in whatever we do whether being a perfect mom or daughter or husband or employee or whatever. What we don’t keep in mind is that it’s also ok to slack !To make mistake ! To fall short, as it is what makes us real. Makes us human. So instead of beating yourself up about it you should learn to accept it. Accept the fact that making mistakes and taking responsibilty is being real. Accept that being confident in who you are and how you look no matter what others think of you is being real.Accept that being real is being unique and being you.


We must remember that at the end of the day staying  true to yourself is far more important than being perfect. God created each of us with uniqueness so do what you have always dreamt of doing no matter what is trending in the society. Say what what you want and what is right without the pressure of pleasing anyone. Be real and most importantly  BE YOU.

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